Over 150 years ago the great Kelnore Empire collapsed.  Strife, civil unrest, betrayal and accusation shattered the great Imperial dynasty.  The race of men turned upon one another in brutal warfare and bloodshed.  When it was over, the Empire in ashes and it's people spent like arrows on a battlefield, those who survived strove to find their way.  The surviving Noble Houses that once held great office in the Imperial Senate horded their dwindling resources behind the few stone walled cities that remained.  Each distrustful of the others and unwilling to 'return to the table' to talk of mutually beneficial efforts to rebuild. 
The 'Kingdoms of Kelnore' – formerly great Duchys and Counties within the Empire eventually formed.  The reeling [[Troika Faith]], still recovering from their own crisis of faith, sought to blame the downfall on the Great Wizards of Valanore – and in such a fervor came about the Inquisition on mages in every land the church held sway.  Valanore, for it's part, stayed their hand and did not seek to 'correct' this miscarriage of justice.  Choosing instead to withdraw their great magi from across the land and bring them back to the city of magic.

Refugees from the civil war spread far and wide, most notably to the south, in what became known as the 'Kingdom of the Border Princes.'  A collection of former nobles, rich merchants and swarthy adventurers who sought to live under their own rule – disillusioned by the games of the great houses.  Over a century these refugees carved out a great many city-states and fiefdoms that answered to no one but themselves.  Loose alliances insured that in times of need, the Border Princes would unite to throw back aggression from either the Kingdoms in the north, or the Orcish Hordes to the south.


…It is here, within the Border Princes that we join a small band of rough adventurers in the village of [[Zelkor's Ferry]], where banditry has created an opportunity for coin and, with the coming winter, housing through the harsh months ahead….

Dice at the Table - Rappan Athuk Campaign